Children of the future

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Our organization were established for a purpose of facilities and charity for children.

We are working in following actions;

①Pray for Peace Project

A charity project for children facilities from postcard selling profit.

This project established from a question “children now a days having less experience writing letters”.
Therefore we started missionary selling postcards to donate for safe food to the care institution, various schools, organization for children, and develop agricultural support aiming food education.
This activity will strengthen the bonds between relatives through postcards and letters and also those postcard might influence the hearts of leaders and intellectual all over the world.
In the near future, we will release many series of postcards accepting advices from philologist, neuroscientist, writer and novelist.

②Agricultural Support Project

Agricultural support activities to support children's food education and Japan's declining agriculture to develop agricultural support to reduce the health risks.

And also support agricultural worker by profits from postcard, direct deliveries, funding from supporters, and support aguricultural staff struggles from decrease in food self-sufficiency ratio, bad image for agriculture

We are always looking for sponser companies, collabolators to spread sale of postcards, and cooperator for volunteer activities.
Thank you for your kind cooperation and support.